Operation Flow

1.Start nodes

Start nodes according to different node environments

2.Operation node

(1) Common operation

command description
./coind -datadir=cur help get help info
./coind -datadir=cur getinfo get node info
./coind -datadir=cur listaddr get address list
./coind -datadir=cur getnewaddress create new address

(2)Transfer WICC tokens to address from testnet Refer to Get WICC tool

Note: addresses can receive WICC before registration, but it must be registered if you want to transfer WICC to others.

(3) Register account Refer to RPC-JSON Account API of registeraccounttx method to register address.

(4) Refer to listaddr to check the address be registered and wait at least 1 minute.

Note: if the value of regid not empty like 18247-1means registered successful otherwise means registered failed

(5) Use the method sendtoaddress to transfer after the address is registered.

(6) Use the method listaddr to check the balance of sender has been reduced.

(7) Use the method getaccountinfo to check the balance of the destination address.

NodeDeployment Local directory :

File/Folder meaning
coind executable file
WaykiChain.conf configuration
main data from mainnet
testnet data from testnet
peer.dat nodes connections info
wallet.dat wallet data include public and private key
blocks block data Folder
syncdata block synchronization data
database will be deleted after the node running

Additional ways of running WaykiChain nodes

running command meaning
./coind -datadir=cur Configuration file in current directory
./coind -datadir=. Configuration file in current directory
./coind -datadir=/opt/wicc Configuration file in directory /opt/wicc
./coind Configuration file in current user directory:~/.WaykiChain


./coind -datadir=cur      //correct command
./coind -datadir =cur     //error command


  • Deploy the testnet node and synchronize to the latest block height.

Verification: Open the whitelist only for the trainer's ip address, for the trainer to check the getinfo method of the Json Rpc method;

  • Complete the testnet operation process

Verification: Send 1.2 WICC(testnet) to the trainer's account address;

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