WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program Result Announcement

On Jan 29, 2019, WaykiChain started the Developer Incentive Program with a total reward of $50,000 worth of WICC. During the two-month program, we have received a lot of attention and collected 109 submissions for the tasks from the candidates from over 29 countries and regions.

Thanks for all of the developers and community members for your hard work and support! After evaluating all the submissions, we are very honored to announce the winners below.

1.Volunteer Developer


KhanhND (Telegram ID: @khanhnd69)

Alfred Farrington II (Telegram ID: @althetinkerer)

Reward: $250 worth of WICC / per person

2.Node Deployment


KhanhND (Telegram ID: @khanhnd69)

Jun Park (Telegram ID: @currybab)

Alfred Farrington II (Telegram ID: @althetinkerer)

Easy Chain (Telegram ID: @julia_dev_girl)

Kyung-Nam Park (Telegram ID: @knpark99)

Reward: 20 WICC / per person

3.Smart Contract Tool Development

Winner: Easy Chain Team

Reward: $600 worth of WICC

4.Creative DApp Development

Winning Team: WaykiMan; Reward: $6,000 worth of WICC

Winning Team: Crazy Dog Team; Reward: $20,000 worth of WICC

5.Bounty Invite

Winners (Telegram ID):





Reward: 66 WICC / per person

6.Follow Github

Winners (Telegram ID):





Reward: 5 WICC / per person

(We will contact the winners for reward redemption in 5 working days.)

The Developer Incentive Program is just a start for our community developers and members to participate in co-building WaykiChain ecosystem. In the near future, we will launch more incentives for all the contributors of WaykiChain. Just stay tuned!

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