Join WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program “Bounty Invite”!

Invite your developer friends and associates to join WaykiChain’s Developer Community and receive an award!

How to enter?

  1. Join WaykiChain Developer Community:
  2. Fill in the Google Form. Attention: Your WICC address acts as your invite code .
  3. Distribute your invite code and post to any channel you prefer. (e.g.Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Telegram Channels, Discords, etc.) Example post:

  4. The developers who get your invite code, join WaykiChain Developer Community, register one of developer task forms and input your invite code. Your invite is successful.

  5. You can win 66 WICC for one successful invite. Bounty will be distributed after the bounty event is closed.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. One invite code(WICC address) can invite a maximum of 10 developers. You can create a new WICC address for inviting more developers. Attention: please keep your mnemonic words and private key to get your old wallet back.
  2. WaykiChain will evaluate whether the submitter of the task forms have related experience to development. If not, then the invitation will be unaccepted.
  3. The reward will be transferred directly to the WICC address in the Google Form submitted by the participant. Please make sure that the WICC address is valid.
  4. Developers who get the invite code can win rewards by completing different developer tasks.
  5. The WaykiChain team has the final judgement in the Invite.

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