WaykiChain Is Launching Developer Incentive Program

The developer community is one of the most important components of WaykiChain's ecosystem. In 2019, WaykiChain will make every endeavor to build and develop-friendly communities and provide support to worldwide developers who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology. We believe that together we can build WaykiChain's ecosystem and a brand new future enabled by blockchain.

WaykiChain is launching a Developer Incentive Program and inviting all developers to join in. Developers from all over the world can participate in the program to contribute to WaykiChain's community and earn corresponding bonuses. The program will provide $50,000 worth of WICC as inventive bonuses and include multiple tasks for developers from different levels to select.

For any questions, comments about the program, you can join our developer community on Telegram at: http://t.me/waykichaindeveng. You can also contact our customer service via telegram:

For technical support: @BlockchainWater18

For non-technical support: @JessicaFang23

Timeline of WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program:

Tasks of WaykiChain Developer Incentive Program:

Task 1: Developer Volunteer Recruitment


  1. Receive blockchain technology training by WaykiChain core team.
  2. Solve technical problems provided in the training under guidance.
  3. Answer technical questions and provide support to other developers' within WaykiChain developers community.

As WaykiChain's Volunteer, you can get:

  1. Receive substantial technical training from WaykiChain core team.
  2. Guidance in developing DApp based on WaykiChain technology.
  3. Master blockchain skills through helping other developers.
  4. Establish strong connections with industry blockchain experts.
  5. Weekly bonus.

Range of Bonus: $50 - $500 per week

To claim the task please fill in the Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/dJ8Vwr7FqyORvI4A2

Task 2: Node Deployment


  1. Deploy a WaykiChain testnet node.
  2. Input the command "getinfo" in your node, and screenshot all the information.
  3. Create an address in your node, and screenshot the page.
  4. Acquire test coins from our developer tools. https://www.wiccdev.org/book/en/DeveloperHelper/faucet.html
  5. Register your address.
  6. Transfer 1 test coin to this address: wXwqeA9cftNS6fr71hUNDAzs92i1kgCuW7 and screenshot the operation. This step is required to prove you've had command of transfer operation.
  7. Fill in the Google form to submit your information: https://goo.gl/forms/Ykp7ZbiX9HjtwH7V2
  8. Send your screenshot photos to T2D2@waykichainhk.com to submit your results.
    Range of Bonus: 20 WICC per participant

Task 3: Smart Contract Tool Development

Developers can write, publish as well as debug the smart contract via a web tool just like Remix (https://remix.ethereum.org/) with the following features:

  1. Write: Edit the smart contract code in a large edit box as an online IDE, can export the smart contract content into a file, and open the smart contract content in the file.
  2. Publish: Use Chrome web wallet plug-in to sign the smart contract, and submit the raw transaction data to WaykiChain's node service. Display the smart contract address (or RegId) once the smart contract is published (query the node via its transaction hash to get its address/regid)
  3. Debug: Debug each function provided within the deployed smart contract via creating transactions signed through the local web wallet plugin.
  4. Submit result: Submit source code, source code specification, and deploy specification to email: T2D2@waykichainhk.com.

Range of Bonus: $600 - $6,500

Fill in the Google form to submit your information: https://goo.gl/forms/cLTaJspFEiQWSk512

Task 4: Creative DApp Development

Developers need to offer some ideas on DApp development, and send us your background, a proposal about "What/Why/How" about your DApp development and your expected bonus to email: T2D2@waykichainhk.com. You can get the task only if we confirm your proposal. WaykiChain does not provide specified themes or types of DApp. Developers can refer to the DApps on the current market which has a massive amount of daily active users (DAU 1,000+ or ranking top 20 on DappRadar would be preferred).

Range of Bonus: $800 - $25,000

Fill in the Google form to submit your information: https://goo.gl/forms/ZCcfBHuTWV91sfR63

Development result of this program will be announced on March 29. In the future more tasks will be released in our developer community and please stay tuned!

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