Waykichain developer documentation

  • Current version :v1.0.0, To be updated continuously

Waykichain developers learning route

1. Essential knowledge :

  • Computer network and communication technology knowledge
  • One computer development language at least
  • Linux command

2. Basic knowledge :

3. WaykiChain nodes:

4. Smart contract development

  • Learn knowledge about WaykiChain smart contract
  • Learn about smart contract API
  • WaykiChain smart contract deployment
  • Calling smart contract
  • developing smart contract

5. Dapp development

  • Learn about Dapp's developed by WaykiChain
  • Learn about Android Signature library or IOS Signature library
  • Design a Dapp based on your demand
  • Develop a smart contract based on your demand
  • Develop code to call your smart contract
  • Complete the overall development


In each of the major chapters, we will assign tasks and be eligible to receive WaykiChain commissioned development tasks after completing all tasks.

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